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Movie Review: Singham Returns

(All Photo Credits: Singham Returns Website)

This Rohit Shetty directed, sequel to the original Singham is packaged such that you're guaranteed a three hour long entertainment, albeit the kind of entertainment that nothing new but entertaining nonetheless. The movie released Aug 15th 2014 and stars Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Amol Gupte, Zakir Hussain and Dayanand Shetty. It is produced by Ajay Devgan Films and Rohit Shetty productions and distributed by Reliance Entertainment. We have ten things to say about the movie-

#1. Ajay Devgan- I have lot of respect for the man, who in this era of the Khans and/ or star kids, has made a place for himself on the basis of his talent alone. You would never call him good looking, but you would never call him anything but talented either. He plays his age in the movie ( love it when our established actors do that) and another thing that impresses about him is that he has kept up with the demands of time, yes, I mean body wise ( ahem, ahem- Abhiskek Bachchan, are you reading this?)

#2. Loved the choice of Kareena Kapoor. She replaces Kajal Aggarwal from the original Singham. Just as well 'coz Kajal looked way too young against Ajay Devgan. Glad somebody is listening to me and not pairing around 45s against around 25s. As for Kareena's role, felt like the makers forgot she isn't playing 25,  at least didn't appear to be- based on a funny exchange between the two leads (that is becoming a Rohit Shetty movie trend- first Chennai Express had a age disclosing joke, now this- I love the style, certainly not complaining).That said, Kareena being Kareena, gives a wonderful performance. She brings humor to the movie and provides comic break in an otherwise beat-up-the-bad-guy kind of non-stop action. Many will relate to her love for eating and in keeping with that, she is not shown in her size-zero avatar- that could possibly be her real-life form of today, but definitely plays well with her role.

#3. The Mumbai police squad successfully impresses. They are well built, show strength in unity, show sculpted biceps in vests and above all integrity in adversity. Dayanand Shetty deserves a special mention here. His impressively bulked up body does wonders to the image of the 'sidey' police officers. The bar has been raised. They are certainly a force to reckon with and constitute an important factor in making this movie a good watch.

#4. The media for a change plays a good part too- in terms of the kind of presence they have in the movie that is largely epitomized by Ashwini Kalsekar. She is the surprise take-away from the movie - her personality, her attire, the traditional appearance, her tone of voice - everything leaves a mark.

#5. Others- Anupam Kher impresses as a politician with a vision. The two sets of parents are real and so are all the other characters- be it the woman on the street, the cop's widow, the youth in politics, etc etc.

#6. Mumbai impresses! The movie is set in Mumbai and neighboring areas and it all looks good. The ariel and panoramic shots of Mumbai are simply beautiful and the 'chols' are realistic without being morose.  Not to say we want to shy away from seeing the truth, but that wasn't the focus of the movie.

#7. This 'Dabangg' style movie might not have a theme that is new, or original for that matter, but it certainly has done an excellent job of playing out an old theme to perfection. You certainly get a lot of satisfaction when you see the bad guys being beaten up- and beaten up real good. And for some reason, knowing how painfully long and hurtfully corrupt the judicial system of India can potentially get, there is some satisfaction in seeing the cops bypass the system and provide instant gratification to the audience in the way of 'encounters' (not to say this should become a norm in real life).

#8. In comparison to the original Singham? Well, the huge success of the original certainly seems to have given the producers lot more confidence with the Marathi identity as well as the 'singham' (lion like) aspect of Baji Rao's character. You see a very confident and liberal usage of the Marathi language, unlike the first one, where as per Ajay himself (in an interview), they weren't sure how well the use of the Marathi ' Aata Majhi Satakli' will click with the audience. In fact, knowing how well it did click, there is actually a closing score on it by Yo Yo Honey Singh that stars one very passionate kid singing along in a track that repeats 'Aata Majhi Satakli, 
mala raag yetoy' (meaning I'm losing my mind, I'm furious).

#9. Is it for kids? In terms of scenes and language, yes, they'll enjoy the action too. The many conversations get hard to grasp, for the non- Hindi speaking kids as there is only so much of the politician plot of the Indian politics that you can comprehend by reading the sub titles.

#10. The movie is fast paced and keeps your attention throughout. It got zero yawns from my husband (I say that's a zero on the yawn-o- meter and that's saying a lot). There are no slow and stodgy phases.

To summarize, watch it and watch it soon, but only if you loved the previous one (I did).


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