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A classic underdog tale about a wrestler who makes a comeback defeating all odds staked up against him, Sultan’s journey will bring alive his heartfelt love story.

Movie Credits:

Release Date: July 6th 2016
Starring: Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma
Directed by: Ali Abbas Zafar
Produced by: Aditya Chopra
Costume Designer: Alvira Khan Agnihotri, Ashley Rebello and Leepakshi Ellawadi

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1. The plot: The plot is good. It is interesting to see the idea of making professional wrestling league popular in India as the starting point of the movie. The Pro Takedown founder and his efforts have been projected well. The Harayana man, a village wrestler, makes an interesting centerpiece in the plot as well. The language, the clothing, the attitude- all work well together- perfectly! Add to that a Haryanawi woman whose dream it is win the gold medal for India in the olympics, and you get your Hindi movie masala- but hey, the mix works and we're complaining. What we are complaining about, you'll see in 'the not so good' part of the review.

2. The cast: 

Anushka Sharma's role cannot have been done better than it is by anyone else. She looks young, vibrant and keeps all eyes on her in every screen that is in.

I feel the supporting cast provide a definite feel-good status to the movie. In that, Amit Sadh in the role of the founder of Pro Takedown has done his part. He appears to be the perfect mix of young and enterprising with just enough heart to care about his client and just enough desi tahzeeb (Indian tradition) to listen to his father. Also, Anant Vidhaat Sharma as Sultan's friend stands out in the supporting cast. He is another young and talented actor that we hope to see in more movies henceforth. Randeep Hooda is always good, always lending unique element to every character in portrays. Even the pehalwans (local wrestlers) and the international wrestlers do their part in adding elements of reality and professionalism to the making of the movie.

Now coming to our main man, Salman Khan. We have seen him take off his shirt more times than we care about. Here, as a wrestler, he is seen without his pants as well. Got to say, he has certainly maintained his body well. There is no denying it. He looks way better than Aamir Khan did in Dhoom 3 (in spite of the well-built body for the part). As for how whether he delivers or not- yes, he does. More as the older 40+ man than his supposedly younger version in flashback. His fans will certainly not go home disappointed. But ... yes, there is a but ...(see in 'the not so good').

3. The look: The general look and feel of the movie- the sets, locations, characters, clothing- are all excellent- like many other good movies. But the Haryana angle is unique and very refreshing, even though it has been done before (in Tanu Weds Manu Returns, 2015). The village scenes make you yearn to see a swaach Bharat (clean India) in reality soon (hopefully Modi's campaign will do wonders and it will be a dream materialized post 2019 as per the campaign target). The world of professional wrestling have been deftly portrayed- the sets, costumes as well as the players. The actual wrestling matches are done well- clearly bringing out the skill and the strength required, the difference in agility with age, and the sheer perseverance that takes you to the finish line. 


1. The pace: The movie is extremely slow. A little editing, make that a lot of editing, would have gone a long way.

2. The pair: The lead pair in the movie needs to be discussed as just that- a pair. Although, Salman and Anushka have both done a good job, their vast age difference looks ridiculous. To pair a 50-year-old actor against a 28-year-old actress is ludicrous. Nothing more needs to be said in support of that argument.

2. And what's with?: And what's with showing the woman getting pregnant and giving up her dreams for her "man's happiness"? Since the story-line is fictional, might as well be inspirational- especially if the goal is entertainment rather than realistic portrayal.


Overall, the movie is slow but a family entertainment package. Every actor has done his/her part, but the age-difference in the lead pair stares at you  There is something very touching in the husband and wife relationship, but the pairing is farcical. If you are willing to endure the slowness, and overlook the absurdity in pairing, this would be a must-watch movie, musically too- you'll most certainly be twirling to the tunes of "Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai" and swooning on "Jag Ghoomeya".  And yes, you'll get good amount of laughter during your viewing experience too.

Btw, the movie is playing in many American theaters in America (not just the desi-owned), so be sure to check where before heading out.

By Sonal Kulshrestha

(Sonal is a computer programmer by profession and a writer by passion. She is an avid movie goer. She lives in Texas, USA) 

Latest Update: 

The movie has recorded over Rs. 500 crore at the international box office, making it the fifth highest grossing Bollywood film ever. The movies preceding are- Dhoom 3 (Rs 542 crore), Baahubali (Rs 600 crore), Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Rs 626 crore) and PK Rs 792 crore), in that order, as per news from India.

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