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The age of social supply chain        From the co-founders blog

After couple years of development and testing our B2B Cloud based application for 'Social Supply Chain', we are officially launching the product in Indian market. The concept of Social Supply Chain is relatively new but it’s based heavily on the collaboration idea which is catching up in different areas in terms of our interaction. Supply Chain is no different and seems ready to take on social networking revolution while providing appropriate data security and privacy. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have raised user’s expectations of the kind of applications they prefer using such that for business applications too, users want similar experience. Keeping these trends in mind, we have designed SupplyMedium application to cater to the needs of the business audience but with the experience they are now used to in this networking era. 

SupplyMedium aims to redefine e-commerce segment which has long been following the monotonous path with few big vendors though most of these organizations cater to B2C needs. We are extremely bullish about e-commerce market in India with its booming economy. And we plan to ride the wave by officially launching our cloud application in the Indian market hoping to get large adoption rate in the first quarter of our debut in India. Why should you be part of our platform? It's one of a kind Social Supply Chain platform which allows you to maintain a networking list of vendors, propagate Request For Quote (RFQ) across the network as a newsfeed to allow other vendors in network to interact, collaborate privately with message or chat, get recommendation on other vendors, etc. Apart from being highly cost effective, our cloud based platform, designed in HTML 5, is accessible from any devices anywhere whether desktop or mobile so that the users can perform all the operations from anywhere on-the-go. 

SupplyMedium 1.0 release is packed with features which cover various different areas of businesses like User Management, Document Management, Inventory Management, Order Management, Transaction Management, Payment & Shipping along with Collaboration and Social Networking which includes users networking, private messages, chat, newsfeed, intranet portal, etc. Essentially, SupplyMedium provides a social platform for suppliers and buyers to interact and collaborate in order to perform transactions. The flow typically follows a pattern from RFQ, Quote, Purchase Order (PO), Invoice, Payment, Shipment, etc. characterized by social features like collaborations, notifications, etc. at each step. It also provides a powerful and robust search and discovery features which can allow users to look for specific items, vendors, etc. across a particular geography or category. Apart from transaction features, it also offers role based file management system allowing users to store any document on the cloud for easier accessibility via all mediums anywhere anytime. 

Global market research and analysis firm, International Data Corporation (IDC) which analyzes current and future trends released predicts the future of supply chain to contain 3 critical ingredients – networked, mobile and collaborative. It provided the three D’s of a value chain namely demand oriented, data driven and digitally executed as shown below in the figure. At SupplyMedium, we are proud to release a cloud based social supply chain product based upon collaboration and networking which also supports usage on any mobile devices at the same time. The advantage with supporting both cloud and mobile means users data is accessible any where any time allowing customers to access SupplyMedium application using their Smartphone to transact or network.

In beta stage and after its launch in early April 2015, SupplyMedium has received very positive feedback and promising early adoption by several businesses that have incorporated the application for their day to day transactional needs as well as a source for company portal including intranet, user management, document management, etc. We truly hope it will revolutionize the industry and change the way businesses interact and perform transactions.

For more info, contact us at: info@supplymedium.com or visit us at: http://www.supplymedium.com

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