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Oct 29 2013, Tuesday

A Bride With A Daughter And Not "Fair"- Tanishq Takes A Lead 

When Nina Davuluri of Indian descent won the Miss America 2014 title here in America, it sparked a discussion in India as well. A discussion that centered around how Nina would NOT have won a Miss India title in India because of her dark skin. We talked about how it's not fair to call only "fair" (read light skinned) beautiful (link at the end of article).

We know, as much as we blame the Indian Film Industry for the irresponsibility they display with 'item' songs (again, read our take on it by clicking the link at the end of the article), they have certainly done their share in this matter. People have loved leading ladies with 'wheatish" complexion- like Smita Patil, Bipasha Basu and Deepika Padukone. Movies like 'Sholay' and 'Baabul' have attempted in educating the public on the issue of widow remarriage. 

 And now Tanishq, one of the famous Jewelers in India owned by the Tatas, has taken a lead in portraying "not fair" as beautiful too. Not just that, it shows a woman with a child as bride as normal and beautiful. No explanation offered, because there's no need for any! The new Tanishq ad that 'dares' to show a bride that is not only not "fair" (she's very lovely though), but has a daughter as well, has people taking about it. The young generation of India is seen sharing the ad on their facebook. Richa, who works at SAP Labs in Bangalore, had this to say about the ad on her facebook, "Truly brave and heart-touching :)"

We say, WTG, Tanishq! It takes a leader to show the way. Now we only hope that the people will follow,,,,, 

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