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This Shyam Benegal movie is a satire on the functioning of the government. Indian Express quoted Shyam Benegal as having said, "The story of Well Done Abba can actually be attributed to three people. The first and most important of these is a woman from Hyderabad named Jeelani Bano. The second person I would like to mention is a writer called Jayant Kripalani. And although the third person's story is not as similar, I bought the rights from short-story writer Sanjeev as well to avoid any copyright hassles. " 

(All credits for Promotional Poster, Official trailer and Movie Info goes to Reliance Big Pictures. You may directly subscribe to their YouTube channel here


  • Boman Irani
  • Minissha Lamba
  • Ravi Kishan
  • Rajit Kapur
  • Sammir Dattani
  • Ila Arun


Direction & Story by-

Shyam Benegal

Produced by- 

Raj Pius
Mahesh Ramanathan

Production Houses: BIG Pictures and Reliance Big Entertainment Ltd.

Release Date: August 2009


1. The characters- the characters in the plot are just perfect- the cast having done an excellent job of molding into their roles- the 'abba' (Boman Irani), his daughter (Minissha Lamba), the boy next door (well, sort of) (Sammir Dattani) and finally all the government employees, the bureaucrats, aka partners in crime (err, law).

2. The details - the village setting is as genuine as it gets- the 'chut' (terrace), the 'gali' (alley), the 'gari' (vehicle). Or perhaps, been far away from India, we just tend to devour such settings and observe the details more.

3. The plot- Ultimately it is really the plot that is the reason I insist you watch this movie. It is a story about a man who returns to his village in Hyderabad, India. To tackle the issue of water shortage, he decides to get a well built on his property only to realize that the government has a scheme of reimbursing the entire cost for those below the poverty line. From there starts the story of corruption and bureaucracy with a humorous and really intelligent twist .... 

Who should watch the movie... 

Who should watch this movie-
1. Anyone who is all for the intricate details in the backdrop of every frame.
2. Anyone who loves non commercial movies.
3. Anyone who loves political satire.

4. Kids, 16 years and older- for this one is educational- on the way things often work (make that don't work) in India. 

Awards ..

The movie won the 'Rajat Kamal Award' in 2009 for 'Best Film On Social Issues'.

The movie was nominated for the Star Screen Awards in 2010.

(by Sonal Kulshrestha who is an ardent lover of Hindi movies- just the good ones. She lives in Dallas, Texas)

desifilmey- home recommendations

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