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(Pictures: above- Maya Garg, hanging out with her grandma in Guntur, Andra Pradesh)

 (Pictures: above- Maya Garg, hanging out with her cousins in Guntur, Andra Pradesh)

(Picture: Above- Maya Garg with her mother, extreme right and family during her India trip)

When Maya Garg, a 15-year-old from Coppell, Texas, and her mother, Manibala, visited India this summer, they not only shared a few of their pictures from the trip with desideewar but also Maya's write-up of her perception of India. We loved her write-up and her perception- don't we all agree with her? Here it is for our readers to enjoy-


India itself is easily one of the most exotic and beautiful places on earth. It offers not only a wide variety of fruits and foods, but stunning natural beauty and the thrill of being immersed into daily life on the streets. 

    One defining characteristic of India is its unique cuisine. Specifically in south India, the staple three meals for the day consist of a plate of idly for breakfast, rice with subji and yogurt rice accompanied with mango for lunch, and phulka with subji and dhaal for dinner. In the US the snacks we eat are foods such as chips and fruit such as apples, grapes, and strawberries. The fruit in South India consists of ripe mangoes, plump chikku, and jack fruit that you can smell from down the street. One of the most unique aspects of the food in India is the chaat. From four o clock in the afternoon to six o clock in the evening, the masses clamor and crowd around chaat stands on the streets to snack on  a variety of chaats. While this is a food that should only be eaten during a specific time period, fresh coconuts filled to the brim with water are always available on the streets.

    India is full of rolling hills and trees but south India has so much more to offer. Traveling along with the people driving from Guntur to Hyderabad are thin streams rapidly flowing and large rice fields full of greenery. Scenic  drives are filled with boulders precariously placed on top of each other ready to fall with just the touch of a finger, blooming flowers, and chirping birds flying above in large clusters. Butterflies and bees zip by to the nearest flower to get their daily meal. 

    With such a large population, the streets of India are bound to be crowded, but the word crowded is an under statement. Some times in Hyderabad during rush hour it can take five hours to move one kilometer and when it's not rush hour, there's only about one inch between you and the next car. The streets are lined with people selling chaat, bhajis, and flowers. One thing I've learned in my time here, is that there will always be someone in your way on the streets, so what do we do? Honk. The air is constantly filled with beeping, honking, or a train whistling. Whether I'm playing rummy with my grandparents in the house or going to the bank with them, you can always hear some form of human interaction. 

      With its unique sounds, smells, sights, and tastes, India contains a unique beauty that one is unlikely to be found anywhere else in the world. 

By Maya Garg, 15, 

    Coppell, Texas.

desideewar des se

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