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When we saw the Diwali pictures shared by Mr. Subhash Solanki, a resident of Mumbai, India, we simply had to share them on our 'desideewar des se' segment. These pictures not only show the beautiful Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus(CST) and the BMC Headquarters illuminated during the festive days of Diwali, but also perfectly portrays the kind of festivities we enjoyed and saw our parents enjoy 'back in the good old days' growing up in India. 

(Photo Credits: Subhash Solanki, Mumbai, India)


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 Illumination At Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)

 Illumination At Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Headquaters

The 'saas' (mother-in-law) and 'bahu' (daughter-in-law) get ready for the 'Lakshmi' pooja.

The 'fuljhari' that every single person in the family enjoys to light up ... 

 Ah! The Diwali snacks disappear as a customary 'jaam' (peg) is shared ...

Cards and drinks are ritual among many families- of course, it is never too much and always in good spirits .. 

 We all remember lighting one of those endless 'lattis'.

Oh ... how they go on ....and on .....and on... 

There is nobody who is averse to being part of the action. While the kids and the youth indulge in dare-devil fireworks- we all remember the the 'Lakshmi' bomb, the 'Hydrogen' bomb and the never ending lattis to satisfy the adventurous spirit within some of us. For those who wish to play it safe, there is the 'fuljharis', the 'anar' and the 'ground chakris'.Of course, who can forget the 'train', the 'rocket', etc. etc. Ah! Those were the days ....the days of month long festivities that constituted Diwali in India! 

We are thankful to Mr. Subash Solanki, his wife, his daughter, his son-in-law (who live in London) and his son-in-law's parents for sharing their celebrations of the joyous festival of Diwali on desideewar. Thanks to them, 'woh yaadein tazi ho gayi' (those nostalgic memories have been refreshed).

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desideewar des se

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